A story of God's calling to live on mission no matter the cost or circumstance.

From the beginning of their relationship, Lauren and Jason Pierce knew God had placed in their heart a calling and passion for missions. Specifically, they knew their purpose belonged in East Africa. With a desire to walk in the Lord's obedience and live out this mission, Jason received his first opportunity for mission work in Nairobi, Kenya through Compassion International. After returning back from Kenya, Jason was able to take Lauren with him to East Africa that summer. They both began to feel the joy and anxiousness of potentially moving to Africa permanently. As Jason was faced with the idea of bringing his wife into a potentially dangerous country, God began working out the unexpected plan He had for them. 

I knew we wanted to start a family, and I knew that God was calling us to full-time ministry. We had to find a way that those two could collide. We decided to go the Lord and pray for it.

As the prospect of moving to Africa started to become a reality, Lauren and Jason began their long application process. Through this process, Lauren realized something else God was preparing for her – the desire to begin a family. Starting a family in Africa seemed daunting to Lauren and Jason because of the lack of medical care and the danger they could possibly face with a child. With faith and trust in the Lord's will, they prayed for God's direction. Shortly after, God blessed them with their son Silas. 


After they their son was born, they knew their calling to East Africa had not changed. God continued to lead them towards this passion He'd place in their hearts. Unexpectedly, the incredible opportunity arose to serve in Tanzania spreading the Gospel and planting churches. By walking in the Lord's obedience through their desire to start a family and fulfill their calling in missions, God had been preparing their hearts to serve in Tanzania – to share the love and message of Jesus.

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These people are without hope; they’re without the Gospel. They’re shrouded in spiritual darkness, and we have the opportunity to take the light of the world to them.


To fulfill the work God had prepared for them, the Pierces began raising donations to support their new life across the world. Through SIM ministries, Jason and Lauren will actively be involved with the community by planting churches, spreading the Gospel among underage groups, and working to share Jesus throughout Tanzania. 


Jason and Lauren continue to trust in God's will, as He further prepares them for ministry work, as well as the hardships and beauty they will face in raising a child in a third-world country. From the beginning of their marriage to where the Lord has brought them today, they have undoubtedly placed their faith and hope in Jesus. Not only is their life a testament of obedience, but their story continues to be written as the face their new life together in Tanzania.

I have to just trust that what He’s called us to is right, and it’s for God’s glory. I can walk confidently towards Him, and carry out what He’s called me to do with my life.

Lauren, Jason, and Silas will begin their new life in Tanzania in March of 2015. 








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