A story of a broken marriage restored through a family finding God.

By all outward appearances, Andrew Howorth was living the American Dream. The self described “Type-A” personality had what most people spend their whole lives striving for. Expensive cars lined the driveway to his extravagant home. Photographs lined the walls of his office, revealing glory days of Div-1 football and family photos taken from exotic vacations. Andrew, his wife Kate and their three beautiful children were “living the life.” It was in the fall of 2013 when Andrew’s picture perfect life came crashing down. His lifestyle of selfishness, sexual immorality and pride finally caught up to him, and he was about to lose his reputation, his kids, and his marriage. 

God wanted my attention… and He got it.

Kate had reached a point where she realized she didn’t even know the person she was living with. Convinced that their marriage was over, she hired an attorney and served Andrew with divorce papers. Andrew hired an attorney of his own. The two sat down with their three children and told them the dreaded news. Andrew found advice and support through a friend he coached football with. He was advised to fight for his marriage, to be 100% honest with Kate and to seek marriage counseling. Kate wanted to just “check the box” and be able to say that she tried, so she agreed to go to counseling with Andrew. 

Just like that, I was willing to walk away from my marriage of 15 years.”

In the weeks to come, God would do a miraculous work in The Howorths’ marriage. They began to consistently attend church as a family for the first time in their lives. They stopped listening to legal counsel and began to see things from a spiritual perspective. There was hope. Andrew & Kate called off their lawyers. Through continued counseling, they saw their broken marriage restored. They found a loving church community at Church Project. Andrew, Kate and their 3 children found God. 

I stand before you a more patient and humble man because of the grace of God.

Today, Andrew would say he’s a completely different person than who he was before he found Christ. There is a joyful glee in Andrew’s voice as he talks about how he accomplished reading the Bible in one year. Though he readily admits that he’s still trying to figure this whole “Christian-thing” out, there is a change in him that is undeniable. In the darkest time in their lives when everything was seemingly lost, The Howorths found hope in Jesus Christ.

"Our children now see their parents truly love each other and treat each other the way Christ would want. They see us love Christ."