“We didn’t really know how God was going to take care of it. I just knew that he would.”
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Well, I had been watching the NOAA website once it predicted 124, which is what our front door is at. We had already had everything packed up to bug out so, which when it said 124, it was time to go.

We went over to the neighbors to warn them, they decided to stay. They eventually had to be rescued by boat.

Our house probably got 5 feet of water in it, theirs probably about 4 inches more.

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A couple days at least, and uh, we came back in and it was a mess. Mud all over everything. Stuff that you wouldn't imagine could be moved, was moved.

We didn't really know how God was going to take care of it, I just knew that he would.

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We were surprise when we found out the church from New York was going to come down and that were going to come help us and do all this stuff for US. The outpour of love we have received has been amazing.

It's not as much all for one as it could be. What a difference.

I can't wait to do whatever I can for whoever else [in need].

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When the stuff went into the front yard, I felt like I lost nothing because If he is 100%, then that stuff is zero percent, and that is just the math of the situation. He does things we can't do. We have to rely, we have to surrender into a reliance on him and the more were able to do that as humanly possible the easier life is just in every situation. Especially this one.

"The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of Lord be praised." - Job 1:20