A story of a family coming to Christ & finding community through the church.

When asked, “What has God done for you,” Jeremy Bolen emphatically replies, “it’s more like what HASN’T He done for me?” Jeremy smiles warmly as he recalls getting married to Beth. Photo albums reveal a picture perfect couple starting a picture perfect life. Looking back, Beth concludes that despite having much, she always felt something was lacking.

After getting married, the Bolens never really discussed God or church, but Jeremy always felt a connection to something, he just didn’t have the guidance or spiritual knowledge to realize it was Christ. In February of 2006, they welcomed their daughter Lyra into the world. For the next 2 years, God began to work in the life of their family even though the Bolens didn’t recognize it.

Whenever you have a child, it changes EVERYTHING.
I wanted her to be in church, to have a faith, to have someone she could pray to.

Jeremy struggled through what his role as a father and a husband was supposed to look like. Through this struggle, his skepticism hindered him from wanting to find answers in the church. As Beth thought about her hopes for Lyra, she felt drawn to the foundation that a faith in God and community in church could offer. Beth decided to go to church while Jeremy & Lyra stayed home.

It’s this living, breathing community.

After Beth came home from church, Jeremy noticed that there was something different about his wife. “She was visibly moved… and that moved me.” The following week, Jeremy, Beth & Lyra attended church as a family together for the first time. The Bolens felt an immediate connection with Christ by witnessing the love of a church community.

There was a space between us. It wasn’t until we both came to Christ together as a family that all of a sudden that space was so visible and then we saw God fill it.

The Bolens opened up their home and starting hosting a House Church. They began to see the beauty of God's people coming together, and found people who weren't just casual friends, but people they could rely on and who could rely on them. Jeremy saw many of his worries begin to fade because he knew where he could place them. Beth felt a sense of urgency for the world around her and was challenged to be more active in sharing her faith. Lyra was witnessing the faith that Beth desired for her to have.

What started with simply wanting a faith for their daughter turned into a family finding more than they ever imagined together. They found the people of God who loved them unconditionally. They filled the void of an empty existence with the truth of the Gospel. The Bolens found God, and are now striving to bring glory to Him by being a reflection of His grace to those around them. 

The most import aspect for the future is to see our children watching us serve and reaching out to people. That’s what the world needs... to bring glory to God and share the Gospel with other people.