A story of dedication, calling, & having a no-excuse approach to the Gospel.

It was March of 1999 when Daniel was diagnosed with MS. Daniel was terrified of spending his life in a wheelchair. We somehow thought that was God's story for our family. We would glorify Him in the daily details even when life wasn’t as easy. 
But God's plan was bigger and better than we could have imagined. Daniel had a peace in his heart that he could not express or explain to people. He and I knew what we could do was share. Sharing became a part of our lives. 



I was terrified that my life was soon to be in a wheelchair. It was just not going to follow the path that I felt like I was crafting & designing for myself.
I made a commitment to myself, to God and to my wife that I was not going to let the disease manage me.


God used the disease to direct us toward His plan for our family. As Daniel’s disease progressed, God put others on our hearts. 
What about the orphan and the foster child? These children live a life completely affected by something they didn't do or deserve... kind of like MS. We began to see the need for adoption and we began to walk those roads. I remember thinking we weren’t qualified, especially because of Daniel’s MS, but we really felt God calling us to foster, so we stepped out in faith.


After a six month process we were licensed to foster. We have had many children in our home. Our city has so many children that need homes, maybe for a few months or maybe for life. Our job is to love them as our own, show them how a family operates in the good and the bad, and teach them attachment and bonding. Yes, it’s hard, the days are long but these kids are worth fighting for. They become part of your family. We are going to do everything in our power for His kingdom that we possibly can. We have to trust that His plan is good for them and that we’re just a tiny piece of that plan.

God has broken my heart for not only these children but the parents behind the children.
They deserve someone to fight for them.

God also broke our hearts for the families of these sweet babies we love on.  Aren't they worth fighting for too. God's plan is never for a family to fail.  We love on the parents and encourage them as much as we can.  We share that our lives are not perfect and we don't have it all figured out, but we know the One who does and He loves them!!  These precious babies will never remember us but to know God called us, as a family, to be a tiny part of these children lives is an awesome privilege. We can't control their futures but trust in a faithful and good God who can. 

It’s nice to be able share with them, my life’s not perfect, I don’t have it all figured out, but I know the One that does & I know how to rely on Him.








Erika Alman