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I was a Junior, he was a Senior, and when it happened it took me completely by surprise and I went to him and told him I was pregnant and his response was, "I want you to get an abortion, and I'll pay for it."

It didn't hurt me at the time that he said it, I was just scared. I didn't really even understand abortion I think I was just a little naive. I had some girls who came along side me that thought they were helping me they said, " Just don't think about it, we'll just help you take care of it".


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I left something that day, there was a part of my soul that was, I think it was just fractured. 

When I was 37 years old, I went to my mom's church on Mother's Day, she had invited me to attend. And I just knew everybody around me knew my secret. I just felt like there was a light shining on me and the Lord was saying, its time; time for you to deal with this. And  I just didn't understand that God had a plan for my life.

I entered [PACN] and I said, I just need to help one woman choose life.
— Bonnie

After the experience at church, that was obviously on a Sunday, the following Monday I left work and came to PACN.

I asked the receptionist, she must have thought I was kind weird just the way I entered, and I said, I just need to help one woman choose life.

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