It's an opportunity for me to serve in a new context with people that I love through methods that I love, namely soccer, music.

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It's a privilege and an honor to be here, and I'm really excited to be here.

- We've seen so many people just struggling to provide for their families. When you see all these kids having joy despite having nothing, and you see these kids giving themselves away to the community, they have so little, and we have so much, but we give so little.

- When we went to the old folks home, and I met this man named Jose, and he was the funniest man I ever met. We asked if we could pray for him, and he was just talking to us and talking. He's like, of course y'all can pray for me, and I kneeled down to pray, and at the middle of my prayers, he stopped me, and he said, put your knee on my hat, and he put the hat on the ground so I wouldn't get dirty, and I just started crying, and I was like, that's something special, even though it's so small; it's something you're gonna remember forever when you go back home.

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- We are so thank you for your help, guys. We have been praying fourteen years for this project. We are very thankful first to God, and then to you guys.

Thanks for pick San Joaquin, for have choosing us, for bless us. We have been pastoring fourteen years here. We have been through a rough time, but we can see God love through Church Project. Our two sons, our kids, are so excited.

They will finally have their own room. When rains come down, they will not get wet. Nissi will finally have a room for her to sleep well, not to suffer cold, and thank you guys.

We love you guys.

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