Finding Hope in Christ

Chris: I had lost my children, I had become homeless. I wasn't making the right decisions I was still doing drugs, drinking. Except for I was doing it a little bit more. Never felt like I belonged, I always felt like an outcast to the family. I always had questions and I didn't always have the answers.

So I met Jon through Hope Beyond Bridges. Getting ready to take off and I flagged him down, they got everything out, and they made sure they served me a meal, they prayed over me and I was invited to go to church with him.

John: I met him under the bridge at 1960, seemed to be a pretty normal day. When I got to talking to him there was something a little different about him I will never forget telling him, "Man you don't look like you belong out here".

I saw him as someone who wanted more, more out of life. 

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“I saw him as someone who wanted more. More out of life.”










As he told me a little bit, even that first day, about his childhood and being put into foster care, I guess for me, like God has blessed me with these incredible parents and this incredible childhood and he didn't have that. What is the difference between me and him. And my heart went out to him.

Chris: The love I was shown by him and his family. I felt it. And, it's something I hadn't experienced in my life, I don't think.

John: Having known Chris, and getting to know Chris, for the last almost year and half, he's become part of our family really. He spends holidays with us. My girls love him, they call him Mister Chris. And I look at him, and I look at him as my little brother.

You know its really cool to see Chris comes from someone who used to sleep under the bridge to someone who comes out with us on Saturdays and serves. He's able to connect with the homeless in ways that I can't. The way that others volunteers can't quite connect with them and I think he just serves as a real example of the hope that is available.

No matter your addictions, no matter where you sleep at night, or how long you've been on the street- There really is Hope found in Christ.

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“No matter your addictions, no matter where you sleep at night, or how long you have been on the street- There really is Hope found in Christ!”
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