Hi, my name is Helen.

I was born and raised in Russia in a very traditional Eastern Orthodox environment. But in my family, we never read the Bible. We didn't go to church.

I came to the United States because of my dad being diagnosed with terminal cancer. I had my baby on May fourth and six days later, our dad passed away.

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Me and my husband were separated. That was something we never saw coming, we had no idea we'd have to go through this, but he had to leave for an indefinite period of time, get his papers straightened out in Russia, and then come back. So what happened when he was back in Russian, he ran into our childhood friend. This guy invited him to church. The guy shared his testimony with my husband. My husband saw him being a completely different guy, and so my husband joined him in that church. He got exposed to the Gospel, he started reading the Bible, he actually got baptized in November of 2012.

“Honey, I love you. “You’re beautiful, kind, and smart, “and you’re the love of my life, “but you’re dead.” He said, “I believe it is time for you to go “and learn the truth for yourself.”

In February of 2013, a friend of ours invited us to come to church project, and to check out the church gathering before we would head out to the zoo with our kids.

I remember getting the text message and thinking to myself, "No, I'm not gonna go to that church." I mentioned that to my husband. I said, "Hey, honey, they want us to "come to church with them before we head out, "so should we just meet them right at the zoo?" Yeah, he told me, "Honey, I love you. "You're beautiful, kind, and smart, "and you're the love of my life, "but you're dead." He said, "I believe it is time for you to go "and learn the truth for yourself."

Anyway, we would come every Sunday, over and over and over again and probably my fourth time, grabbed the Bible from the chair before me and I opened it, and I stayed in the word every day. I was reading whatever I, you know, was led to read. Summer of that year, I was going through the study of the Gospels and I believe somewhere along those pages is where I truly, truly believed in Jesus. I remember coming out of our bathroom in the bedroom and I told my husband, "Honey, I think I get it. "I believe. "I believe that Jesus is who he says he is, "exactly what this book says. "I believe he is alive, and I believe that I need him. "I see my sinful condition like I've never "realized it before and I want this. "I want what this Jesus offers."

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I think I was playing a game of life for 33 years, but at the age of 33 I was born again and Jesus radically changed my life. Knowing how much Jesus loves us truly compels us to share him with others and tell them about his love for them. You have to love somebody enough to tell them the truth.

You have to love somebody enough to tell them the truth.




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