Life after Harvey

This is what happened:

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As most of you guys know, we'd gotten flooded. We had 2.5-3 feet of water. Harvey came through and basically kinda made everything wet. The water got high on our street. Kids in the neighborhood were walking and checking. They sent us a picture, a funny picture, a duck across the street and it was getting pretty high but hadn't gotten into our house yet. and then the next picture we saw was a guy canoeing right next to the tree in front of our house and thats when we knew ok, we've got tons of water.

We have three daughters, and so that was a big deal. Their reactions were really hard because they were scared. What's going to happen to our house, Where are we gonna stay, What's going to happen next? All the questions. Each of them have been handling it differently. Better than I think have been actually.

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Everyone comes and asks you, "Hey! How's the house going?" and I said, "Oh, we're just waiting on FEMA" and she looks at me and says, "Whose FEMA when you have God?!" And a pastor, George Booth, came to us and said, he held us both, separately, and he said to us, "look you've helped people for a long time, now let us help you!" 

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Everyone comes and asks you, “Hey! How’s the house going?” and I said, “Oh, we’re just waiting on FEMA” and then she looks at me and says, “Whose FEMA when you have God?!”

I was blessed by a family that was in construction and raised money and worked on our house and worked on our at no cost to us. The day that we came  it came for us to start tearing it down, if you will, I was ready, ready to go- Im not going to cry and that amount of people that were showing up to work on our house- I did not feel worthy of that. And what Airrion was talking about with George pulling us aside, is accept the love, accept the help, and its very humbling. The amount of people that has poured into us is tremendous and I think that right there alone is what has gotten us through it. If we didn't have a community if we didn't have Christ, I honestly don't know how other people are getting through this without that.

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If we didn’t have a community if we didn’t have Christ, I honestly don’t know how other people are getting through this without that!”
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