A miraculous story of hope & healing in the midst of despair.

From the moment Christy received her "positive" pregnancy test, her and Jonas began a journey which would test their faith and put them through trials unlike anything they were expecting. The beautiful excitement and joy of the words, "I'm pregnant," quickly turned to a faithful cry for God's healing and deliverance. For Christy and Jonas Dienner, their journey into pregnancy was marked with a series of unexpected twists and turns – from the first ultrasound to the harsh news of their baby's severe diagnosis.

It took us to a place where our hope had to be in Christ.

During a routine ultrasound, the Dienner's received the news of their son's severe diagnosis of fetal hydrops. In other words, an excess of fluid surrounding their baby's abdomen, heart, and lungs. Combined with a series of abnormal symptoms, Christy and Jonas were sent to a fetal cardiology specialist in Houston. In this moment, their ability to do it on their own was completely diminished. It required absolute faith and trust in the Lord's will. 

I prayed thanking God for His goodness, and thanking Him that He was in control, and that He knew what was happening.

As their son's condition continued to worsen, Christy and Jonas continued to pray and ask for God to lead them in this time of trial and devastation. They walked through test after test, as they planned for every possible outcome of the birth and, essentially, their unborn son's funeral. A few weeks to follow, they were given the news their son would most likely pass by the weekend. Even through the pain of these words, Christy and Jonas did not stop crying out to God. "Lord, save my son" were the words Christy uttered in despair. "I want you to save my son."

Your son is a completely different baby. The fluid around his head, his heart, his lungs... is completely gone.

After a weekend of waiting for the moment they would have to say goodbye, Christy and Jonas were asked to come in for one of their final checkups. Expecting to hear the news their son had passed, the Lord had delivered the answer to their prayers. The fluid which had been surrounding their son's heart, head, and lungs had seemingly disappeared. The shape of his heart was back to normal condition, and the doctor's claimed it to be "divine intervention." The only answer to this miracle – Christ.

David William was born a healthy, happy baby on December 24th, 2013.









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