A story of stepping out in faith & answering the call to take care of the orphaned.

It began with a calling for God's sovereignty, His will, and His love. Justina and Darryl DePasquale started their marriage with a strong passion for adoption. Due to some medical issues Justina faced, the DePasquale's began a journey of prayerfully seeking out adoption in their life. Unexpectedy, God blessed them with a daughter. Despite this blessing in their life, the DePasquales knew this wasn't the end to their adoption story. They didn't know who, where, or how they were going to adopt, but Justina and Darryl knew this was the mission Jesus had put in their life. One morning, during Justina's devotional time, she had a vision of her future child. At that moment, she knew they would have a little girl. Although they still did not know the circumstances relating to this adoption, they later received answer to their prayers when they knew their little girl was in Ukraine. 

I saw a little girl in a blue barrel, and it was in a war-torn country – a countryside that was very barren. And I knew that she was our daughter.
It seemed like God was just telling us, ‘This is what I want you to do.’ There was different thing after thing to confirm this girl is who we need to pursue.

Justina and Darryl continued to see signs leading them to adopt in Ukraine. Specifically one in particular, which truly led the DePasquale's to their daughter.  As they went through photos of children to host through a Ukrainian adoption program, one girl in specific looked just like someone they knew. Justina's sister called one morning sharing she had a vision of the Lord – a vision of Justin and Darryl at the airport greeting a young girl. As she described what the girl looked like, it was the same description of the photo of Anastasia. Justina felt completely overwhelmed at the power behind this message. As doors continued to open left and right, they knew  Anastasia was the girl God was calling them to adopt. In the summer of 2014, they were finally able to meet Anastasia as they hosted her in their Texas home.  After the joyful summer with her, they were only further confident in their adoption and swiftly preparing for Anastasia to join their family.

So many kids followed her out to the car, and it was good for them to see her at that age still getting adopted. But so many kids that we saw while we were there just want parents.

As they started their adoption process, supported by the Orphan Care Network, their faith and trust in God's provision never ceased. Through many adoption papers, countless meetings, and hours upon hours spent in prayer and support from their community, they were finally ending the pre-adoption journey. In February 2015, The DePasquale's stepped out in faith as they boarded their flight to Kiev, Ukraine to pick up their soon-to-be daughter. 

Arriving to Ukraine was an experience that was emotional, full of joy, and the true answers to their prayers and calling for their family. Anastasia met them in the adoption center, and signed her papers to join her new family. To them, this adoption process was more than just a beautiful story of their family; it was a story revealing God's love for the orphan and the number of children all over the world who are waiting for parents to step out in faith – saying "yes" to adoption. Anastasia's adoption was a testament of a need – as children around the world are waiting to be a part of a family, just like Anastasia. And ultimately, Anastasia is a symbol of hope and God's powerful love.

I know her future is filled with hope, and promise, and a purpose... God has a great plan for her, so we’re excited to help her grow and learn to know Jesus – help her find the person God created her to be, and walk in that path.

Anastasia DePasquale's adoption was finalized and brought from Ukraine to her new home and family in Texas on February 7th, 2015.








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