A look back at 5 years of Church Project.

It started with a calling for the church to be fully led by Jesus. From every aspect of their budget, to the building, and the message within the walls, a small group of individuals committed to beginning a church. Unaware of where they would go or how they would be led, they held their first service on January 10th, 2010. This was the beginning of Church Project – a community of believers who were in pursuit of discovering how Christ originally intended the church to be. 

There wasn’t anything fancy to it. It was just a bunch of people just getting together and just doing church.

Together this small community started gathering about once a month. Unsure of their direction, yet fully trusting in God's pursuit and calling to "go."  Within the first year, Church Project was led to a small warehouse in The Woodlands, Texas. Desiring the simplicity of God's will for the church, Church Project put their focus on Jesus and the Gospel. What started as a couple dozen people grew to over 800 adults spending life together at Church Project. 

Within the small warehouse where this community of believers worshiped, heard the Gospel, and provided ministries within the community with financial support, Church Project experienced incredible growth. God opened doors and continued to lead them – gathering on Sundays, meeting on Wednesdays at house churches across the community, and doing work for the Gospel outside of their walls. As their seats quickly filled, their old warehouse was no longer large enough to support the followers who gathered here. They bought an old Kroger and turned it into what is now the church today. The people of Church Project came together painting, tearing down walls, and preparing their building for God's work. Through their obedience to the Lord's calling, Church Project today continues to experience this exciting period of growth as they are further lead and are changed by the Gospel. 

Our hope is that simply when they walk in, they’re going to sense that there’s a community of people who love each other, and we’re here for something beyond ourselves.

Outside of Sunday services, Church Project leads over 30 house churches throughout their community – a small gathering of believers who life live together and meet on Wednesday nights. Church Project has also continued to encourage and pursue spreading the Gospel outside of the walls of their church. Currently, they are giving away 50% of their budget to 30+ local and global ministries as well as supporting church plants across the country and the globe. God has called the people of Church Project to serve and love those around them, whether locally or internationally, by reading the Gospel and teaching the salvation of Christ in all areas and aspects of life. 

In 5 years, our bulletins really haven’t changed, our seats really haven’t changed, our whole model hasn’t really changed. But I do believe God is really calling people into our church because of how simple we are, but more importantly, how simple Jesus was.


January 10th, 2015 was the five year mark of Church Project. Starting off as a group of about 25 individuals meeting once a month, there are now nearly 2,000 believers gathering at a renovated grocery store to worship the Lord and hear the Gospel. Church Project has continued to stay biblical, simple, and relevant. From day one, they have wanted the church to be in pursuit of Jesus and how the church was originally intended to be. By allowing God to be the narrator of their story, Church Project has seen the beauty and joy of being a part of this journey. 

"This is God's story. He writes it. He will continue to guide it. The joy is joining His invitation to be part of what He is doing. Great things have happened. Great days are ahead as we continue to follow Christ together."